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Okay, I've been thinking about the topic of my first blog entry for some time now. And along with that, I've been thinking about whether I should start a blog at all or not.

So I looked around. Some of my friends are active bloggers, and they even manage to post interesting and relevant entries. However, as soon as I start reading randomly selected blogs of people I don't know, the quality drops to levels way below my margin of interest.

The image, taken from the hilarious site, stresses my point. My MOBLOG (click the 'Top' category on the left to see it) is already full of stuff that nobody is interested in. But maybe that's the way it has to be. Like the e-mail and newsgroups systems are swamped by spam, the web is going to be swamped by irrelevant moblogs showing irrelevant episodes of the irrelevant lives of irrelevant people. On a rather irrelevant planet, that is. So everything's perfectly fine ...
Blogjunkie 02.08.2003 12:16
Willkommen in der Blogwelt! (Ich schreib jetzt mal deutsch, darf man?) Was mich schon immer gewundert hat: worin unterscheiden sich Blogs von den alten "privaten Homepages" mit Gästebüchern??! Ist doch genau das selbe!
Link von Bernhard Seefeld's Blog 07.08.2003 09:05
Why Blogs Matter
Chris is asking wether blogging is really useful or just yet another way to fill the web with junk (as happened to Usenet and e-mail). The web is 99.999% uninteresting content _for_me_ anyway :) While a lot that is said...
Chris 16.10.2003 12:12
Roger, that's a tough question :) Well I don't think (mo)blogs are crap. My fear was that with the ease to use, everybody thinks they have to tell the world about their delicious cheese sandwich. Remember the nineties, when people asked you "hey I got a personal home page, have you seen it?" ... hmmm ... that answered only the first part of your question. I'll answer the second one in a separate post. Why? It's a chance for me to change the state of my blog from "abandoned" to "coma" :-)
13.09.2005 02:56
Take the red sandwich
Link von Amir's Blog 25.01.2007 22:54
I'm not alone... :)
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